Mission Icefly marketing continues, but what is it?


After six hours being tested on my visual and audio skills in a browser game dedicated to Mission Icefly, I unlocked a bunch of pictures and videos related to the upcoming… something. If you missed my previous post, blinking lights were showered down from the sky on the Bonnaroo music festival. They granted a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sign up at a website and watch a clock count down. Those who did were mailed an ID badge, piece of a puzzle, and “limited edition design” of Wrigley’s 5 gum.

John Locke from LOST, not yet bored working in underground bunkers designed for social experiments, delivered a message as I entered my personal ID crap into his website. I proceeded to explore the retro adventure game environment, completed one incredibly easy puzzle and then one vicious, multi-level Arkanoid type thing that sucked away my entire night. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to unlock the entire “facility” perhaps because I did something out of order… perhaps because I need to buy more gum.

After the jump, you’ll find everything I know so far, which notably excludes what Mission Icefly is. The popular guess was a movie starring Terry O’ Quinn, but after viewing the rather amateurish supporting actors and cheapo lighting, my guess now leans closer to a teaser for a very different film, an ESP themed television show, yet another god forsaken Halo game, or the most absurd commercial for chewing gum ever devised by humankind.

Whatever the case, I hope I don’t end up like Boone.