Mitch Hurwitz remaking The Boss Of It All


Mitch Hurwitz dazzled the world with Arrested Development — or at least, the world was dazzled well after the series had already been canceled — but since then, all his projects have failed. The long-rumored Arrested Development movie still isn’t anywhere close to entering production. And it’s a shame, since the man does have some talent when it comes to making intelligent comedy.

So here’s hoping that his next project, a remake of The Boss Of It All, manages to rise above his recent mediocrity. The original was released back in 2006 in Denmark by director Lars Von Trier. It tells the story of a boss who pretends to have a boss above him in order to deflect blame for unpopular decisions. When the company is to be sold and the buyers want to meet his imaginary boss, he must hire an actor to fill in.

So it’s another office comedy, but it’s a funny premise, and it apparently did well critically. Hurwitz is working with Brian Grazer and Ron Howard at Imagine Entertainment, making the film for Universal, and Emma Forrest is attached as scribe, so there’s the potential for good collaboration. The original trailer is up above, so see for yourself if the remake could be your kind of thing.

[via The Playlist]