Mockumentary reveals what Thor was up to during ‘Captain America: Civil War’


Earlier this year, Captain America: Civil War was basically another Avengers movie in disguise, with almost every hero from Marvel’s tentpole franchise showing up to beat up on each other. However, there were a couple of notable additions: Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk, and some fans wondered where they were.

Now, we have a look at what the God of Thunder might have been up to. Marvel has released the short, Office-style mockumentary it showed at Comic-Con this summer, which reveals that Thor moved to Australia to take some “me-time” while he lives in a small flat with a regular dude named Darryl as he becomes increasingly concerned that neither Steve Rogers or Tony Stark have tried to recruit him yet. Take a look:

Team Thor - Official Marvel | HD

We even get a cameo from Bruce Banner. Maybe this is when Thor convinces him to go to space? At any rate, the mockumentary will be available when Captain America: Civil War hits home video – it drops in digital HD on Friday, with a physical release to follow on Sept. 13. Thor’s next adventure, Thor: Ragnarok, hits Nov. 3, 2017.