Monday Movie Trivia: Jesse Eisenberg’s sister


After Adventureland and Zombieland put Jesse Eisenberg on the map in many minds around America, it was unquestionably The Social Network which solidified his spot in Hollywood for many years to come. Recently I had fun watching him in 30 Minutes or Less and I really look forward to his roles in the future. However, now that he’s a household name, it’s worth pointing out that his sister actually beat him to the fame spotlight.

I’ll reveal the answer after the jump, but first see if you can figure out who his sister is and what made her famous. I’ll give you a hint: she was the sweeping victor of the Super Bowl ads back in the late 90s.

So who’s Jesse’s sister? It’s Hallie Kate Eisenberg; the Pepsi girl! Here’s one of her famous Super Bowl ads:

Here’s a better look at her then and now:

Pepsi Girl Hallie Kate Eisenberg

Lastly, take a look at the various films she’s starred in, including The Miracle Worker, How to Eat Fried WormsBicentennial Man, and even a few recent ones like Holy Roller, where she played Jesse Eisenberg’s sister in the movie.