Monday Movie Trivia: Pixar Week


[This week is Pixar Week here at Flixist, so we’re doing special reviews and features for all things Pixar. Keep your eyes on the Pixar Week tag page for more updates, or just watch the front page!]

One thing I love about most Pixar films is how memorable nearly every frame of the film is. It was actually really hard to make teaser images this week, and not just because the main characters love to eat up all the camera time. All I have to do is say “Toy Story” and you instantly recall several key places from the trilogy that you’ll never forget. many of the films have a very distinct interior or exterior environment that sets the mood for the entire movie, so my job was to hide that as much as possible, and your job is to point out each Pixar title as fast as possible!

Cast your guesses in the comments below. Let’s see how long it takes for you guys to solve them all!