Mondo and artist Olly Moss make over Princess Mononoke


I hope it isn’t forward of me to assume that, as an astute reader of Flixist, you are no stranger to the wonderful work of Mondo, the division of the Alamo Drafthouse responsible for some of the most unique and beautiful posters based on all time cinema classics. If this is new to you, then there is no better time to familiarize yourself with some truly mind blowing art work. In this case, Mondo has partnered with artist Olly Moss to produce limited edition prints of posters for Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke, an animated classic of Hayao Miyazaki that may arguably be his best work.

I have to say, this print and its variant are absolutely gorgeous. Princess Mononoke is undeniably a beautifully animated feature, and to have another talented artist interpret it makes for some stunning results. If Mondo continues work like this I think I’m just going to go ahead and amend my house with a ridiculously long hallway that I can line with these wonderful prints.

The hallway won’t go anywhere, of course.