Mondo’s Man of Steel posters are super


Mondo has a such a way with its movie posters that even if you weren’t excited for an upcoming film, just looking at one of its pieces will instantly change your mind. Case in point: Mondo’s Man of Steel collection. The header above features my favorite done by Martin Ansin (with a Metal variant in the gallery) because look how damn gorgeous it is. My word it’s everything I’ve ever wanted in Superman art. I’m going to buy like twenty. 

Not featured in the header, but in the gallery is Ken Taylor’s poster which is much more of a subdued version of the Man of Steel trailer (and greater thematic theme). It’s nice looking and I would totally have it on my wall, but if I’m going to say I have a Superman poster I want it to scream “Superman.” Both Mondo posters will go on sale June 13th and 14th at random times, and are each going to cost you $50 for the non-variants. Keep an eye on Mondo’s Twitter for sale info. Good luck because they sell out fast!