Monster Hunter movie casts T.I. and Ron Perlman, will probably be amazing now


It’s totally valid to have concerns over the in-development Monster Hunter movie project; not only do video game movies have a rough legacy but writer-director Paul W.S. Anderson has his own legacy with the gleefully-trashy Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil films. But like a burst of adrenaline, in comes Ron freakin’ Perlman, who has been cast in the film alongside Clifford “T.I.” Harris.

Perlman and T.I. will join leading woman Milla Jovovich, Anderson’s frequent collaborator, and wife. Jovovich will play a character named Artemis, Harris a character named Link (no, not that one), a sniper, and Perlman will play Admiral, who is, uh, an Admiral. No plot details are available, except that monsters will indeed be hunted, so it’s anyone’s guess considering the wealth of source material that Anderson has to take advantage of.

I fail to think of any movie that I didn’t enjoy that had Ron Perlman’s presence—even really bad ones. Couple that with Anderson’s usual nonsense, and you have the makings of a movie that I will at least totally rent. If you’re unfamiliar with Anderson’s directorial “style,” you can try to make sense of this clip from his film Resident Evil: Afterlife below.

T.I. Harris, Ron Perlman Joining Milla Jovovich in ‘Monster Hunter’ [THR]

Resident Evil: AfterLife. Chris, Claire & Alice VS Wesker. Fight Scene. HD 1080p.