Monsters University releases extended preview


Pixar have released this new fangled-video guffin containing some new slick footage from the delicious and nutritious Monsters University (June 20). The clip shows cartoon representations of all of Pixar’s stuff before going straight in to a “Look, we’re Pixar okay? We do good stuff” exploration of the film.

Hit the jump for some thoughts and dissections of the extended preview. A preview (oh my!) which is… extended! (swoon) 

[Via The Film Stage]

So this ‘Extended Preview’ pretty much shows that Pixar know exactly what they’re doing. It gives us plot details such as the fact that Mike and Sully fail their Scare test the first time and forget to remember that you can just pay people nowadays to do everything for you. The EXTENDED and EXTREME PREVIEW shows us some hot new footage, some nice concept art and generally shows off the film as some man stands in front of a green screen talking about CGI monsters.

My first thought is that Pixar does everything right, but I’m not sure a Monsters Inc. prequel is entirely the right direction. The ‘humor’ that they boast in the EXTENDED and EXTREME PREVIEW exists, seen in the preview, as a ‘basement dweller’ joke which is hilarious. I think Pixar are some of the greatest storytellers of all time, but that’s just me. Toy Story 3 is a favorite of mine, as is Up and The Incredibles. Monster’s Inc. is good but it’s not really ‘that special’ in my opinion, and University looks slick but not substantial. I really hope we don’t have a Cars 2 on our hands again.