Monthly Musing: Everybody plays the fool


EDIT: Last week for this topic! Get ready for a brand new topic next week, and be sure to finish up any lingering ideas.

Well, April Fool’s has passed, and we’ve all experienced the jokes, pranks, and general silliness of the pseudo-holiday. There’s nothing better than an awesome April Fool’s joke, and there’s nothing worse than a stupid one.

Along those lines, ever gone to watch a movie and thirty minutes in you feel like it’s an April Fool’s joke? Maybe it’s so bad that you can’t believe that it isn’t a joke, or maybe it’s so different from what you thought it would be that you wonder, “Did someone swap the real movie out for this garbage?”

For the first Monthly Musing on Flixist, I’d like the great bloggers here to explore that topic. You can write pretty much anything as long as it follows the general spirit of the topic. If it’s awesome, we’ll get your work on the front page. Good deal, no?

If you want your blog to be considered, write a blog called “April Fools: [Your title here]” and load it into our C Blogs. You’ll want to use the tag “Monthly Musing” and make sure you post it live so everyone can see it! For some tips on how to make a really good blog, see this handy post over on our sister site Destructoid. Questions? Ask here in the comments or contact me through the site!