Recap: Moon Knight Episode One – “The Goldfish Problem”


Spoiler warning for Moon Knight – Episode One.

The first entry into Marvel’s newest seriesMoon Knight, opens up not with our main character but a glimpse at villain Arthur Harrow, played by Ethan Hawke. It shows him performing a ritual before placing shards of broken glass into his shoes and putting them on as he walks away. We never see his face, which makes for an intriguing opening.

Following that, we are introduced to Steven Grant (Oscar Issac), who works at a museum gift shop. Very early on, we learn Steven suffers from constant blackouts. To prevent himself from “wandering about,” he chains himself to his bed with an ankle restraint, tapes his door, and puts sand around his bed. He also listens to an audiobook called “Staying Awake” while performing various activities so that he won’t fall asleep.


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Some things seem off during his waking moments, such as a lady coworker approaching about a date he doesn’t recall making and other things. One night as he falls asleep, Steven wakes up in a different country and is being pursued by thugs. He witnesses a cult ritual led by its leader, Arthur Harrow, who claims to be acting on the Egyptian Goddess Ammit’s behalf. He judges two people, one who is deemed good and one who is bad. The latter dies instantly.

Harrow confronts Steven, who has no idea where he is or what’s going on and demands he return a scarab artifact he now has possession of. Harrow also refers to Steven as a “Mercenary.” A mysterious voice saves him while at the same time insulting him. Steven seemingly escapes and lands back in his bed, not realizing that two days have passed. This realization dawns on him when he notices his pet goldfish has two fins instead of one (much like Nemo from Finding Nemo). It turns out he missed his date and returns home dejected.


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Upon returning to his flat, he spots more odd things and comes across a hidden area in his home, finding a burner cell phone and a locker key. He checks the call log and sees tons of missed calls from “Layla,” who again calls the cell. He answers, and Layla calls him “Marc,” confusing him.

Returning to work, he is confronted again by Harrow, revealing that he is a servant to Ammit and again demands the scarab back. When he tries to judge Steven, the scales on his arm cannot find balance. Harrow tells Steven, “There is chaos in you.” Later that night in the museum, Steven is pursued by a Jackal while Harrow once again, over the loudspeaker, tells him to return the scarab or be ripped to shreds. As he flees into the bathroom, his own reflection starts speaking to him, saying he can save them both if he gives him control. Steven agrees and turns into Moon Knight, who beats the crap out of the Jackal.

Moon Knight

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For the premiere episode, it played out like a full-length film. Probably one of the best first entries into a new Marvel Disney+ show since WandaVision and Loki. It 100% leaves the viewer wanting more, and although we only have six episodes, a lot is being packed in. Buckle up Marvel and Moon Knight fans: we are in for an exciting ride.

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