More Bat news — animated Batman Beyond feature in the works (Updated)


Update: The previously-mentioned lack of the total proof (and that’s the truth, Ruth) was wisely-noted. Umberto Gonzalez is a reporter for The Wrap, who below Tweets that sources of his have dismissed the rumored feature animation.

Womp womp. Still, it isn’t as if they would come out and say “Oh yeah, those images that weren’t supposed to surface are totally legit.” More skepticism needed, but keep the flame of hope flickering.

Original story follows.

Though the facts remain to be made 100 percent fool-proof, (Bat) signals point to Warner Animation Group developing a feature-length animation based on the Batman Beyond series of the late-’90s/early-2000s.

Geeks WorldWide reported on a Reddit post leaking images from inside WAG, showing concept art for something batty in the works.

Sources told GWW that the images were in fact related to the Batman Beyond film, which would seem to be aiming for a 2020 production start, hinted by the another image detailing production schedules.

Daniel Richtman is a writer at SuperBroMovies.

WorldWide’s source mentions the film to be a response to some Spider-Man animated movie that Marvel put out. Who’da thunk? I’ll say though, it does make perfect sense. Spider-Verse‘s smash success shows audience’s willingness to embrace a visually-dazzling adaptation of their favorite heroes, and DC was ahead of the game between Beyond and the much-loved Batman: The Animated Series.

And hey, if that Affleck-less Batman film bombs, maybe this will be a strong point!

Warner Bros. Developing Animated ‘Batman Beyond’ Movie For Theatrical Release [Geeks WorldWide]