More details about Pixar’s in-the-brain movie


Back in August, we heard that Pixar was planning on releasing new movies in 2013 and 2014. The first is about what the world would be like if dinosaurs never went extinct and just kept evolving. All we knew about the second was that it had to do with the formation of ideas in the mind. Pete Doctor, director of Up, is still keeping details about the movie secret, but he mentioned recently that it will take place in the mind of a young girl, with her emotions as characters.

While this does sound a bit like another movie by a different company that is not nearly as good, it’s not like that was the first use of that idea of going into the human body. Remember that episode on every TV show ever? Yeah. Doctor, who has the most fitting name for this project ever, assures us that this is “unlike anything [we’ve] ever seen.” Plus, hey, a Pixar movie about a girl! That’s exciting.

[Via /Film]