More details on the Oldboy remake: will Josh Brolin join?


Man, if my various social network news feeds tell me anything, they tell me you cats are not a fan of this Oldboy remake or the presence of Spike Lee directing. So with that, I’m not sure if this news will stoke the fires or put them out or just let them be, but here it is. First off, Mandate Pictures supposedly wants Josh Brolin to play the American equivalent of Oh Dae-su, the hammer-weilding revenge tornado protagonist of Oldboy. Assuming his character is kept reasonably close to the original (and there’s doubts on that, but more on that point later), Brolin’s a pretty fantastic choice to play O. Daysune, which is what I’ll be calling the yet-unnamed new protagonist until he gets a proper name.

In more exciting news, Twitch, who has been breaking these Oldboy stories left and right, claims that their inside source tells them the studio is approaching this remake more along the lines of The Departed, which was, you’ll remember, a remake of Hong Kong cop movie Infernal Affairs, in that the basic story and characters will be used more as a starting point for the filmmakers to tell their own stories. And remember, as good as Infernal Affairs was, The Departed improved on it in every single way. Granted, Spike Lee isn’t in Martin Scorcese’s league, but really, who isn’t? So with alk this new info in mind, what’s your opinion? Does this make this remake any better or worse, or are you gonna be a chump and not take one extreme side or another?

[Via Twitch, Collider]