More ‘Divergent’ coming 2015/2016


Variety is reporting that Neil Burger, director of the latest attempt by a studio to cash in on that sweet, sweet young adult money, will not be returning to direct Latest Attempt By A Studio To Cash In On That Sweet, Sweet Young Adult Money 2 and 3. In the same story, Variety reporter Dave McNary also reveals that Sequel #1: Insurgent will be released March 2015, with Sequel #2: Allegiant following exactly one year later.

We all want this franchise to be good, right? I mean, no decent person wants something to fail, and more quality young adult stuff is good for everyone. I’m really looking forward to reading books written by people who were inspired by Hunger Games and Harry Potter. Genuinely inspired, not inspired by money. Hey, if Divergent is good, maybe we’ll have another crossover hit to add to the list! Wouldn’t that be great?

[Source: Variety]