More new images from The Dark Knight Rises


You can feel the anticipation for The Dark Knight Rises building this week, from every nostalgic viewing of the previous Christopher Nolan Batman movies to every irrational threat made against film critics who didn’t care for the forthcoming third installment. (Briefly on that: come on, guys — unclench. Sometimes people won’t like what you like, and sometimes you won’t like what they like. That’s just the way the world works.)

Entertainment Weekly is doing a cover story on The Dark Knight Rises this week and included seven new images from the film. Those images and the EW cover are in the gallery for your pleasure. Here’s a choice excerpt from the EW site in which Christopher Nolan gives his take on Batman:

It’s not about beating up criminals one by one. It’s about being a symbol. Bruce sees himself as a catalyst for change, and only ever thinks of this as a short-term thing. I talked about this idea a lot with Christian during the making of all the movies; it was the only way we knew to understand the reality of Batman.

The Dark Knight Rises opens July 20th, which you probably knew already.

[Collider via Entertainment Weekly]

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