More on How to Train Your Dragon 2


If Dreamworks had a middle name, it would be “sequels.” Its last name might be “Williams” because those sound nice together. We’ve known that there would be two sequels to How to Train Your Dragon for a while now, and I think it filled everyone with the same sense of dread. Why must you kill the things we love?

Jay Baruchel, voice of Hiccup in the film, read the script last week and says we have less to worry about than we think.

It’s phenomenal. And it’s not a sequel. It’s a chapter two–because there are eight books–so it’s not just finding crazy situations to put our characters in. It’s very much a second act of a three-act thing.

Looking at the rest of the books, they seem to mostly be about pirating, ocean-based battles, and Finding The Mystical Item. The original movie strayed pretty far from the plot of the first book, but considering the job they did with it, I’m pretty optimistic. Sure, the sequels could completely spoil the magic of the first movie and leave us all bitter and empty inside, but they could also be a lot of fun. We’ll just have to wait and see for now, since How to Train Your Dragon 2 won’t be coming out until 2014.

[via /Film, via MTV News]