More Riddick 3 concept art, should just open a gallery


So, here’s another piece of Riddick concept art uploaded recently to Vin Diesel’s facebook account. I’m thinking that with the release of all these pieces of concept art over the course of time, they should just open up an art gallery. It’d probably garner more patronage than this supposedly in-production movie is getting. Vin Diesel’s lacky on Facebook notes that the pre-production on the movie was given a fairly large budget, so it’s at least comforting to know that it’s a serious enough film to place some faith in. He also states that they’re trying hard to get that coveted R-rating, assuredly for the showcasing of boobs.

David Twohy is once again directing as the team is shooting for a 2012 release… That really doesn’t leave much time for actual production, so if they’re done drawing their silly little pictures (funny irony because I’m an artist), they should really get started already.

[Via EmpireOnline]