More Tron Easter eggs, more Tron 3 hints


Look, we can beat around the bush and call things we hear on the internet rumors and speculation, but the chances of Disney not making another Tron film in the very near future are about as high as binary code featuring the number 2 in it (bad computer humor FTW!). It’s going to happen and if the Tron: The Next Day Easter egg didn’t convince you maybe this one blatantly setting Dillinger up as the bad guy in some future film will. Most likely both clips will be part of something bigger on the Legacy DVD.

This clip comes from the same guy who leaked The Next Day, so it’s pretty safe to bet that this is a viral account of some sort. And now we have a shining example of how to do viral right. If Disney starts building Tron rep from the release of the Legacy‘s DVD and keeps it going strong they could have an even bigger phenomenon on their hands than Tron already is.

Also, this trailer gives me a lot of hope for where they’re going with the franchise.

[io9, via Bleeding Cool]

Matthew Razak
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