Morris Chestnut not cast as Black Panther


About ten months ago news broke that a Black Panther movie was in the works, then things went as silent as a jungle cat stalking its prey. But now Morris Chestnut has made the cat explode from the bush and attack… this metaphor is going nowhere.

Yesterday, according to Latino Review, the actor posted a cover to a Black Panther comic (in gallery) with this cryptic line below on Facebook and Twitter (though both have since been taken down): “It’s time to get familiar with the Black Panther character !” This obviously hints at him tackling the role for the upcoming film.

However, last night he went on to Tweet that he was not in talks with Marvel about taking on the role and was simply expressing interest in learning about the comic putting the kibash on the whole idea. Of course this could just be a ploy to cover up the fact that he wasn’t supposed to say anything about any casting yet or, if he’s really smart, a brilliant way to get his name out there for the role. The reaction on FB and Twitter is overwhelmingly positive and now the entire Internet has his face in mind for the character. Well played, Mr. Chestnut, well played.

Matthew Razak
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