Mortal Kombat sequel gets green-lit by New Line Cinema


It should come as no surprise to anyone, but last year’s Mortal Kombat will be receiving a sequel in the future. New Line Cinema confirmed to Deadline this morning that its hyper-violent fighting film will be continuing under the tutelage of Jeremy Slater, writer for Marvel’s upcoming Moon Knight series.

Details are mum on the plot…and everything, really. We only know the film will be titled Mortal Kombat 2. There’s not even confirmation of whether or not the movie will share most of the same cast from the first, though it wouldn’t make sense to swap out major characters. We’re not trying to completely repeat the 90s here.

While¬†Mortal Kombat’s return to the silver screen wasn’t completely successful, it did turn in some decent numbers at the box office last year. Debuting at number one during the pandemic and with a simultaneous release on HBO Max, it went on to amass a cult following that was eager for more. More they shall get and it’s very likely the film will retain its R rating.

With the sequel primed to feature the actual Mortal Kombat tournament (how the hell was this left out of the first?), maybe it can actually fulfill the promise that this series has.

Source: Deadline

Peter Glagowski
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