Most films did well this weekend, but Call of the Wild is on track to lose $50 million


Despite growing concerns over coronavirus, it seems people were willing to make the trek out to their local theaters this past weekend. Basically everyone on the charts did well, save for Call of the Wild. The Harrison Ford and CGI-dog led film is on track to lose about $50 million for Disney (the film is distributed by 20th Century Studios). That’s quite a harsh pill to swallow.

The biggest winner this weekend is The Invisible Man. Bringing in a solid $29 million domestically, this pseudo-remake of a classic horror movie did so well because Universal learned from its mistakes with 2017’s The Mummy. The studio kept the budget reasonable and now the return is positive.

FUNimation also has a winner on its hands with My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. Even if I didn’t find the film all that enjoyable, fans came out to see the picture in droves. Somehow, the anime sequel broke into the top four at the box office and grossed $5.1 million for the company. That’s impressive as hell for what is a comparatively niche series.

As for everyone else, it’s mostly just the typical drop-off you see after a few weeks. Bad Boys for Life is hanging in there and Birds of Prey is doing good enough. Nothing insane to write home about, but also not the disaster most people thought they would be.

Here are the numbers for this weekend:

The Invisible Man – $29,000,000

Sonic the Hedgehog – $16,000,000

The Call of the Wild – $13,205,000

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising – $5,109,247

Bad Boys for Life – $4,300,000

Birds of Prey – $4,100,000

Impractical Jokers: The Movie – $3,545,000

1917 – $2,670,000

Brahms: The Boy II – $2,622,381

Fantasy Island – $2,330,000

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