Most recent TV spots for The Dark Knight Rises


As July draws closer and closer, we’re getting a few more TV spots for The Dark Knight Rises, and they’re revealing little snippets of the plot. I alluded to the spots in the comments of yesterday’s post on Christian Bale and a fourth Batman film with Christopher Nolan. It appears that Batman has been out of commission for some reason, and now he’s looking to get back into the game. In the above ad, Bruce Wayne explicitly refers to being retired while Lucius Fox shows off some wonderful toys.

Given this potential “Batman’s comeback” storyline, a number of people have suggested that The Dark Knight Rises may be similar to Rocky III. I kid you not. Patton Oswalt had a tweet about it last week, and over at Inside Movies/Entertainment Weekly, Jeff Labrecque has a piece on the film’s possible similarities to Rocky III and Rocky IV. I’m calling it right now: Batman’s secret weapon against Bane will be Paulie’s birthday robot.

After the cut, another TV spot for the film. Note what Alfred says to Bruce. (And no, it’s not “You thought I was tough? This chump will kill you!” or “He’s hooking! He’s hooking! He’s hooking! Damn, Rock! There is no tomorrow! There is no tomorrow! There is no tomorrow!”)

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The Dark Knight Rises TV Spot #4 (Official)

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