mother! trailer with Jennifer Lawrence makes you wee in your pants a little bit


I’ve always thought Jennifer Lawrence (PassengersThe Hunger Games) and Javier Bardem (SkyfallNo Country for Old Men) would make a great couple. Like, they have so much in common, and obviously there’d just be so much charisma there, wow. So, I’m happy to see that director Darren Aronofsky thought the same thing and put them in a movie together as a happily married couple living out a tranquil life in a big house in the country.

Only, I’m not happy. Because I can’t even tell if they’re supposed to be married based off this trailer. In fact, what with the creepy fonts and violin music, I’m more scared than anything else. What sort of romantic comedy is this? Was that blood?

mother! movie (2017) - official trailer - paramount pictures

I’ve just peed myself a bit. Oh just fine and dandy, Mr. Aronofsky. You make a movie with a couple of love birds and then spray blood all over it. I’m not sure what sort of filmmaker you are, but clearly you’re confused. What’s that? *indecipherable, speaking to intern* He directed Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream? Oh no. No, no, no. Don’t do this to J-Bar-Law! Their romantic couple name is too cute! (and sounds like a  great law firm to call … 1-888-J-BAR-LAW, right!)

Have a sip of this brandy to calm my nerves. And, yes. Just another sip. That’s better. Well, at least it looks like there’s a rave of some kind; it can’t be all that bad.

mother! [lower-case ‘M’ intended] bows September 15. Will you rush to the theaters to pee your pants? What other unlikely pairings would you like to see Jennifer Lawrence in onscreen? Let us know in the comments.