Movie Debate to the Death! Favorite Brad Pitt film?


In the previous debate I asked everyone what their favorite Ryan Gosling film was. Even though Drive had only been out for a week it was still long enough for Drive to take the trophy! Here are the results for films that received more than one vote:

  • Drive: 5 votes — winner!
  • Half Nelson: 2 votes
  • Remember the Titans: 2 votes
  • Lars and the Real Girl: 2 votes

The films that each received one vote were Stay, Blue Valentine, The Notebook, and Crazy, Stupid, Love. Now that Moneyball is out in theaters and getting great reviews, I want to know which Brad Pitt film is your favorite. Jeez, there are so many Brad Pitt movies to choose from! To be clear, you’re voting on which of his films is your favorite overall; not just which Pitt role you liked the most. Cast your votes in the comments below and check back next week to find out which movie won.