Movie Debate to the Death! Favorite film for Halloween?


No, I don’t want to know which movie in the Halloween series was your favorite. Instead, what’s your favorite film to watch on or around Halloween? It can be a horror film, a zombie movie, a movie of any genre that scares you, or even a spoof of the horror genre. You pick! If you have any traditions, then be sure to let us know!

In the previous debate I asked everyone what their favorite Hugh Jackman film was. The Fountain, Real Steel, and Van Helsing all received one vote, but these films got more praise:

  • The Prestige: 5 votes — Winner!
  • X-Men: 3 votes
  • X2: 2 votes

Now that Halloween has come, haunted, and passed, I want to know which scary movie is your favorite! Cast your votes in the comments below and check back next Tuesday to find out which movie wins! Bonus points if you can shout out which awesome movie my header image is from!