Movie Debate to the Death! Favorite Jason Bateman film?


Last week we gathered up a few spotlights and shined the light on Kevin James. When asked which of his groan worthy films was the worst, we surprisingly had a winner emerge:

  • Grown Ups (4 votes) — Winner? Loser!
  • Paul Blart: Mall Cop (3 votes)
  • I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (3 votes)
  • Barnyard (1 vote)

This week, with Horrible Bosses approaching, we vote on our favorite Jason Bateman films. I love his ability to always make a character more memorable and interesting than the character was probably meant to be on paper. Not all of his films are comedy, so choose wisely! To be clear, you’re voting on which of his films is your favorite overall; not just which Jason Bateman role you liked the most.

For those of you interested in the more elaborate voting scores from the huge Pixar debate, keep reading for the full breakdown!

When asked to rank the 11 Pixar movies from favorite to least favorite, I had first place count for 11 points and last place count for 1 point. For those lazy, terrible, awful people who only voted for one or a few films, I had to just give out points to those they voted for, with the others getting snubbed. Here are the results:

  1. Wall·E (250 points) — Overall Winner!
  2. The Incredibles (226 points)
  3. Up (222 points)
  4. Toy Story 1 (199 points)
  5. Toy Story 3 (197 points)
  6. Monster’s Inc. (170 points)
  7. Ratatouille (162 points)
  8. Finding Nemo (153 points)
  9. Toy Story 2 (132 points)
  10. A Bug’s Life (96 points)
  11. Cars (47 points)

As for the “Who is your favorite Pixar character?” bonus question, Wall·E himself was the winner! He received almost half of the votes, with Remy and Sulley tying for second.