Movie Debate to the Death! Favorite Pirates film?


I didn’t think I’d have to make this debate so soon after the fourth Pirates film came out, but with the Hangover sequel crushing its box office lead I may as well make a jump ship pun now and set sail. As for the previous Wes Craven debate, the winner with half the votes was the first Scream movie!

Each of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies is pretty distinct, and while they’re not perfect, I have an undying for the series’ two main writers, Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott, who are both responsible for Aladdin and a dozen other classic movies. Including Pirates 4, which is your favorite film in the series, and why? The debate lasts for a week, so you still have time if you haven’t seen On Stranger Tides yet. Cast your votes in the comments below, grab some rum, and let the debate begin!

Bonus Question: Why is the rum always gone?