Movie Debate to the Death! Favorite Pixar film?


[This week is Pixar Week here at Flixist, so we’re doing special reviews and features for all things Pixar. Keep your eyes on the Pixar Week tag page for more updates, or just watch the front page!]

Last week our community got into a big debate over which of the many X-Men films has been the best so far. If a super hero series is capable of that many disagreements, then I expect just as many votes when it comes to choosing which Pixar film stands above them all! Here are the results from last week:

  • X-Men: First Class (8 votes) — Winner!
  • X-Men (4 votes)
  • X2 (4 votes)

This week, after considering every full-length Pixar movie that’s been released so far, pick your favorite film and cast your vote in the comments below. Yes, you have to choose one, and “tie” votes will be disqualified. However, I urge you to rank all 11 of their films from favorite to least favorite to express which ones you think were more successful than others! Bonus Question: Who is your favorite Pixar character? Doesn’t have to be from the film you voted for.

[Update: Tonight is the last night to vote on this huge debate!]