Movie Debate to the Death! Favorite Will Smith film role?


In the previous debate we all discussed what our favorite Jeff Goldblum roles are, and it’s fitting that on the eve of Independence Day we’re finding out who won. Here are the results:     

  • Seth Brundle in The Fly: 4 votes — Winner!
  • Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park: 2 votes.
  • Mac in Earth Girls Are Easy: 1 vote.
  • D.H. in Igby Goes Down: 1 vote.
  • Allistair Hennessy in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou: 1 vote.

With Independence Day arriving, let’s take a look at the other great film star from that memorable movie. Instead of asking you to choose which of his films was the best overall, you need to vote on your favorite Will Smith role. Tell us what it is about his role that made it your favorite and why it affected you so much. Cast your vote in the comments below and check back next Tuesday to find out which of his characters will win!