Movie Debate to the Death! Favorite X-Men film?


In anticipation of Super 8, last week I asked everyone what their favorite J.J. Abrams film was. I even removed all restrictions, and allowed movies like Cloverfield to count even though he was just a producer. I also decided to not include late votes for Super 8 since I wanted it to be a pre-Super 8 debate, but even if I were to count the votes it received, it wouldn’t change the winner: Star Trek. Next year I’ll be sure to revisit the topic and see if the winner changes when Super 8 enters the mix!

This week, after our staff started an email debate over the X-Men series for three days straight, I think it’s necessary to open the caustic question to the entire Flixist community. Which of the X-Men films do you like the most, and why? Was it something it did particularly well? Or because of something you didn’t like with the other movies? Cast your vote in the comments and let your voice be heard! Check back in a week for a whole new debate, and also to find out which film won.