MoviePass beats a dead horse, finds new partner


Not to long ago we reported on MoviePass, a Netflix-esque program that would let you see as many movies in select movie theaters for a monthly subscription fee. A day later, the proposed program turned to poop when we found out that major theater chains never agreed to participate in the program and vowed to never do business with the upstart. The program was pretty much dead in the water, leaving the bad taste of poor business practice and stupid decisions in the collective mouth of those actually excited about the program. Yet somehow, some magical way, MoviePass has managed to find a new partner.

Variety reports that MoviePass will partner up Hollywood Movie Money, a 25 year old ticketing promotion firm that are responsible for those vouchers found in DVDs and cereal boxes that nobody ever uses. With Movie Money largely accepted in almost every US theater, MoviePass hopes to essentially put the bad blood behind them and get the program underway. Under the new arrangement, MoviePass members will print out Movie Money vouchers and present them at the theater, which in turn the theater will be fully reimbursed for the ticket price by MoviePass/MovieMoney.

When the program was first announced, the thought of customers paying $50 a month for unlimited theater-going experiences seemed like a reasonable proposal as long as MoviePass got those tickets at some kind of discounted price from the theater chains. Without the backing of major theater and a proposed subscription fee based on region, it seems like they’re banking way too much on members underusing the program. It’s also yet to be seen whether or not the theater chains will actually honor said vouchers considering all the ill will between them. Either way, it’ll be interesting to sit back and watch it play out and even more interesting if I have to write a post tomorrow about how MoviePass is dead yet again.

[Via Variety]