MoviePass crashed again this past weekend, making users choose between two movies


It isn’t a good look when every time I think about MoviePass, the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme plays in my head. In today’s edition of the MoviePass Deathwatch, here’s how the troubled service crashed yet again last Friday evening.

Before the crash rendered the service useless to customers, MoviePass quietly rolled out yet another change: the option between only two movies that were showing at the time. And the choice was a game of “pick your poison,” with moviegoers being forced to choose between watching Slender Man, or odd late-night showtimes for Mission: Impossible—Fallout. The latter film previously had problems with the service.

But even these changes, which MoviePass CEO and human equivalent of Gromit putting tracks in front of a moving train Mitch Lowe confirmed to the New York Post, were not enacted properly, with the app crashing on users on Friday. Lowe adds, presumably as he begs for money on the street, “This has been a challenging time for us and our customers. We’re just trying to save our service to be able to be available long term.”

The troubles of MoviePass are becoming comical at this point, and it doesn’t seem that their fortunes will change for the better any time soon. MoviePass may have changed the business of watching movies, but its legacy may be more of a cautionary tale on how not to run a business model. With luck, these failures will only lead to other companies like AMC to offer similar, hopefully sustainable services.

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