MoviePass data breached, up to 161 million records exposed


MoviePass is a company that wields its shovel proudly. Not content to merely dig its grave six feet, eight feet, or even 12 feet under, the embattled service is looking to excavate enough dirt that it can rest curled within the warm womb of the Earth’s core. To top off its ludicrous saga of blackouts, stock dives, battles with theaters, and Gotti, we can now add a data breach to the fire that scorches this service to the ground.

Reporting to TechCrunch, MoviePass has confirmed that a data breach may have exposed tens of thousands of customer card numbers and most importantly credit card numbers to hackers. Mossab Hussein, a security researcher, reported that the exposed database contained up to 161 million records. That’s scary stuff, but also keep in mind that databases are hacked and breached every day for major companies that won’t spend a thin dime to protect your personal data if they don’t think they have to, so chances are your information was already out there. Cold comfort, for sure.

I feel a bit bad for MoviePass for this irony. Much of the service’s financial woes were due in part to the fact that it never sold your location or purchasing data to third parties. For a company in desperate need of money and so much access to your information, it was surprisingly ethical on this one point. Now this happens, and that tender shred of dignity MoviePass had retained for so long has been cast on the wind. Farewell.

MoviePass does mention, however, that the database was “immediately secured,” for whatever that’s worth.

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