MoviePass offers $50/month for unlimited movie tickets


With ticket prices costing up to an arm and a leg these days, the appeal of going to the theater and watching a movie on a whim has greatly diminished. New York start-up MoviePass is hoping to change that and revolutionize the theater going experience  by applying the Netflix subscription model to movie tickets. For $50 a month you’ll able to go to the movie theater whenever you damn please
, and by “whenever you damn please” I mean “with some minor restrictions”. Users are only able to watch one movie a day and are unable to watch the same movie twice. Tickets are non-transferable and must be purchased the day of the show through their website or a smartphone application. When it comes to 3D and IMAX tickets, users will have to pay the difference between the regular ticket and the 3D/IMAX tickets.

Though MoviePass is only beta testing in the San Francisco area, they hope to extend the program to New York and Los Angeles and gauge the appropriate subscription fee in relation to the use of service. They are currently in negotiations with major online ticketing services like Fandango and MovieTickets as well as major theater chains in order to provide a more accessible experience for users. Though $50 a month seems a little steep, it’s still a bargain if you’re near one of the selected theaters and go to the theater more than five times a month. I’m also sure that once they get enough users, the price will go down much like it did for Netflix.

Does this service sound appealing to anybody else? Check out the entertaining introduction video for the service and share your thoughts after the jump.

[Via Mashable]

An Introduction to MoviePass from MoviePass on Vimeo.