MoviePass reverses pricing changes, but adds monthly movie limit


Another day, another installment of the MoviePass Deathwatch. If it feels like the struggling company already made major and controversial changes just a few days ago, it is because they literally did. After limiting their service away from big blockbuster movies and raising the price, MoviePass is taking all of that back—with the catch being that users of the service can only watch three movies a month.

The Wall Street Journal detailed the changes, with the planned price increase to $14.95 a month being abandoned in favor of the service’s standard price of $9.95 a month. Additionally, the service is also doing away with surge pricing for big movies on opening weekends. As mentioned, there will be a new limit of three movies per month; however, MoviePass customers who want to see more films than that will receive a discount of $2 to $5 for every movie afterward.

Once again, MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe struck an apologetic tone, citing the “many challenges” the company has faced, adding that these new changes will add “stability” to the “industry-wide disruption” that is MoviePass. The only thing that I had disrupted was my own service with MoviePass. The planned changes will go into effect on Aug. 15—assuming they don’t make any more changes like, you know, tomorrow.

MoviePass Slashes Offering to Three Films a Month [WSJ]