MoviePass was reversing cancellations, claims it was a bug


With MoviePass essentially in flames and changing their policies every other day, it would be reasonable for users to want out. But many who attempted to cancel may have found their efforts to be undone, receiving email confirmations that they have opted into the company’s new plan

It’s tricky, as it was easy to “opt-in” to the new plan without even realizing. Even if one were to cancel their plan, hitting an “I Accept” button on a pop-up in the app that details the new plan will apparently opt them in—the stealth “opt-in” will take priority over the cancellation.

It’s shitty, to say the least. With users being unable to watch the movies they used to be able to watch, the value of the service is becoming less evident to them. But MoviePass claims it wasn’t so much a smarmy tactic or bad design, but a simple technical bug.

We are in the process of transitioning our members to the new $9.95 plan, which launches officially on August 15th. Those who have not already done so will continue to have the choice of either opting in or canceling their membership over the course of the coming weeks. Monthly subscriptions will automatically expire for members that do not respond by the end of their billing cycle.

On Monday, August 13th, we learned that some members encountered difficulty with the cancellation process. We have fixed the bugs that were causing the issue and we have confirmed that none of our members have been opted-in or converted to the new plan without their express permission. In addition, all cancellation requests are being correctly processed and no members were being blocked from canceling their accounts. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask that any impacted members contact customer support via the MoviePass app.

Whether this was an accident or not, it only adds on to the saga of The Increasingly Tumultuous Troubles of MoviePass. While the company is trying to convince their customers that all will be well, it certainly doesn’t look like it.

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