Movie posters from an alternate universe by Peter Stults


You’ve probably thought about recasting movies with classic stars before. Or maybe you’ve thought about which classic filmmakers could do a good job at the helm of more recent movies. Artist and graphic designer Peter Stults has done just that, and created some great looking retro movies posters to go with it.

And so with distressed edges and a few folds, you have James Dean hot-dogging in Drive, Leonard Nimoy yippee-ki-yaying in Die Hard, and some other surprises. I’ve picked a handful of these alternate universe movie posters and put them in the gallery.

Stults also has galleries dedicated to B-movie posters for classic films and (of course) fake Criterion covers. I’ve included two each from those series in the gallery as well. Definitely check out the links for more of Stults’s work.

[Peter Stults via Cinema Blend]

Hubert Vigilla
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