Movie timeline infographic predicts the future


There are a lot of movies that take place in the future, both near and distant. If movies have taught me anything, we will have hoverboards in four years as a reward for surviving next year’s apocalypse, and my city will be a lawless island shortly after earthquakes tear it to pieces. But what else can movies (and TV shows) tell us about the future? Michael Hobson (@TremulantDesign on Twitter) decided to find out, and made an awesome infographic showing what we have to look forward to from 2012 to the year 3001988. There are a few spoilers on there, but most of these movies are pretty well-loved so you shouldn’t be learning anything new.

I hadn’t realized just how many films were about dystopian futures. Nothing says “good times” like totalitarian governments and exploding planets! I’m just sad that I won’t be alive for many of the cool space adventures. At least we’ll get to see some ridiculously violent reality TV if we can make it past the flooding.

[Via TremulantDesign; Thanks, Adam!]