Moviegoers demand refunds because The Artist is silent


I found out that The Artist was a silent film a day before I saw it. I could have very easily gone in completely unaware, which I do think would have bothered me. I would have quickly gotten over it, however, because it’s a great movie. Apparently some people can’t get over it, complaining not only about the lack of dialogue but because  “the screen is smaller,” a reference to the film’s (excellent) use of the Full Screen ratio and demanding refunds.

While I’m still unsure that I think the use of silence was the best thing for The Artist, I appreciate director Michel Hazanavicius sticking to it. I do not appreciate people who can’t appreciate that. Just as with people who refuse to read subtitles, anyone who rejects the notion of a silent film outright makes me sad. It’s a terrible way to go through life, because it means that they refuse to watch films like The Passion of Joan of Arc and Modern Times. Seriously, do you understand how sad that is? It’s really sad!

If you haven’t seen The Artist, you should go do it and show your support. Bring your friends, especially if they don’t like silent films. Force them to enjoy themselves. And, if you’re so inclined, you can also punch the world in the face, just as our well-toned Editor-in-Chief can be seen doing above. You have our official support.

[Via The Telegraph]