Movies That Changed Us: The Blood Grinder


The Blood Grinder, a 2008 independent satirical dizi izle slasher film, had the most profound effect on me out of any yabanci dizi izle movie I’ve seen to date. It’s not the worst movie I’ve ever seen (Soderbergh’s Bubble holds that distinct honor), but it’s easily the most poorly-made.

The film follows Ronny film izle America, who’s out for revenge after the serial killer known only as the Blood Grinder has grinded the blood of America’s hd dizi izle sweetheart, Miss America. He is joined by prostitute-with-a-heart-of-gold Mammary Jones, witness to another bloodgrinding, as he stops at nothing to hd film izle find the man who murdered his wife. Also tracking down the Blood Grinder is Detective Cliff Thompson and The Rookie. Everything builds to a final, blood-grinding confrontation between the three parties.

I saw a trailer for the film with a friend, and after the end of the trailer, said friend remarked, “Wow. I really hope the movie isn’t a full-length Youtube video.” Spoiler alert: it was. Join me after the jump to find out just how this film changed my life.

The film was made by college kids with nothing but $2000 and good intentions, and it certainly had its moments where I laughed, but nothing could save it from poor lighting, terribly framed shots, and that Youtube feel of a couple guys messing around in their back yard.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate this movie. It absolutely had it’s moments. Some of the dialogue was absolutely brilliant. Pearls like “YOU’VE GRINDED YOUR LAST BLOOD, BLOOD GRINDER!” and “Get ready, turn around, because you’re about to join the list of third world countries that America f***s in the ass!” (my favorite of at least a half-dozen America-based jokes in the film) have stayed with me almost three years after seeing the movie. Ronny himself was a pretty funny parody of revenge-driven protagonists, yelling in anguish and belting out catchphrases at any given opportunity. The Rookie and his weak stomach also provided some pretty great scenes.  Alas, those highlights weren’t enough to save The Blood Grinder. The film’s flaws dragged it down a long, dark road and took me with it. I sat there in the theater for 71 minutes in near-constant agony, but eventually passed through a threshold where I achieved a higher level of clarity.

It was in this higher plane where I, an aspiring film-maker, made the firm decision that no matter what I make, it will be measured up to, as well as exceed, the quality of The Blood Grinder. While I’ve been affected by many other movies in many different ways, none gave me as clear a goal as The Blood Grinder. Ronny America, for better or for worse, I salute you.

Have any of you out there seen The Blood Grinder? I’d love to know what others thought of it.