Mr. Bean returns in Indonesian horror movie, obviously


Rowan Atkinson last appeared as Mr. Bean in 2007’s lacklustre Mr. Bean’s Holiday and vowed to make it his breakout character’s final appearance. That could be about to change, though, with the revelation Atkinson has ‘agreed’ star in Indonesian horror comedy, Mr Bean Kesurupan Depe, aka ‘Mr. Bean Possessed By Depe’. How much Atkinson knows about this remains to be determined, although according to producer KK Dheeraj (whom I imagine as a Z.Z. von Schnerk type), Mr. Bean will this time be adopting the guise of a pocong, aka ‘shrouded ghost’, with co-star Dewi Persik as a leather-clad catwoman. Duh.

The ‘Mr. Bean’ in the title is surely just shorthand for Atkinson, whose name is probably not as recognisable as that of his character, and ‘Depe’ probably a blend of the first two letters of his co-star’s Christian and surnames. I really hope someone manages to get hold of Atkinson to ask him about this, and has a camera ready to film his reaction, which will likely involve a call to his lawyer.

[via Twitch Film]