MTV getting Scream TV series, Wes Craven to direct pilot


While we normally don’t post about television, Flixist does like to post things that are super relevant to movies. Is Wes Craven relevant to movies? You betcha. MTV, the network currently known for shows like Awkward. (which is fantastic, by the way), Teen Mom 2, Teen Wolf, and My Awkward Teen Wolf Mom, announced yesterday that it’s prepping an adaptation of Wes Craven’s Scream with Wes Craven being courted to direct the pilot. Since Scre4m failed to resonate with the box office despite being fantastic, Dimension Films started working on this show a year ago instead of its planned new trilogy. 

While they’re currently searching for writers (the loss of Kevin Williamson, writer of the four films, is slightly worrying) and there’s not even a concept yet, MTV wants this to happen and so do I. When I wrote up a Chick Flix Club last October for Scream, I couldn’t help but note how much I loved the property for its self aware nature. Will that carry over to a TV show? Maybe. At the very least, it’ll give me a reason to watch MTV again now that music videos aren’t a thing anymore apparently.

[via Deadline