Mulan is coming to Disney+ in September for $30


Moviegoers have been waiting months and months for delayed releases this year thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Disney’s biggest film for 2020 was arguably going to be Mulan, which has suffered numerous delays since February. After shifting things around until it could find a better solution, the company has finally decided that the live-action remake will, indeed, release in theater’s this year…just not in the US.

Starting from September 4, 2020, Mulan will be available to stream on Disney’s subscription service, Disney+, as well as hit theaters internationally in markets where Disney+ is not available. There’s a big catch to that, however. Viewing the latest live-action offering is going to cost you extra.

The announcement was made during Disney’s Q3 earnings call and stated viewers will need to pay an additional $29.99 USD to view Mulan through Disney+. This seems to be a one-time thing, as it was stated this decision is not the way new releases will be handled by Disney going forward Post-COVID.

Mulan was actually supposed to release later this month on August 21, but Disney took it off the release calendar late last month. Honestly, as we heard about more and more films being delayed, I suspected Mulan would just skip theaters and head straight to Disney’s paid service. I’m surprised it has taken this long for Disney to commit to such a decision.

Disney+ currently has about 60.5 subscribers globally, but how many will pay for Mulan remains to be seen. This film is a childhood favorite of mine and when the original animated version came, out I saw it about three times in theaters. I’m glad we don’t have to wait too much longer to finally see what looks to be an amazing reboot, I only wish it didn’t cost extra.

Mulan will most likely be available for regular streaming at a later date.


Tarah Bleier
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