Muppets 2 happening, but Jason Segel’s not in it

[Update: According to, Segel will not be starring in the film either. He may help in some small capacity (hopefully a cameo of some kind), but The Muppets 2 will not be Segel’s film. And now I’m sad.]

In case you weren’t aware, Jason Segel is the reason that last year’s The Muppets happened. It was his idea, his pitch, his executive production, his script (mostly), and his wonderful performance. It should have been called Jason Segel: The Movie (featuring The Muppets).

But it sounds like we won’t be getting Jason Segel 2: Electric Boogaloo. Instead we’ll just be getting The Muppets 2: Muppet Harder or some other nonsense. Sure, he may still be involved in the production in some other capacity, but the script will not be featuring his brilliance, so what’s the point?

As much as it depresses me, though, the new film will probably still be good. Segel’s co-writer on the first production, Nicholas Stoller, and the film’s director, James Bobin, will be taking full control this time, so it’s not as though an entirely different team is being put to work on the film.

But seriously, The Muppets was basically Segel’s movie, so removing him in any capacity means that the sequel will lose at least a bit of the magic. If he doesn’t at least get a few seconds of screen time in the film, though, then I will probably boycott it on principle.

[Via /Film]