Muppets showrunner and co-creator steps down


ABC’s The Muppets is one of the network’s highest-rated comedies in years, but it’s been taken to task by critics. That’s why it’s only somewhat surprising to hear that that showrunner and co-creator Bob Kushell has left the show, according to Deadline.

It’s unknown why Kushell walked away from the show – or whether it was voluntary – but critical reception hasn’t totally been kind to the series. The series has been panned for splitting up the longstanding pairing of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, but also for taking a more adult tone than Muppets projects tend to. Still, The Muppets has been ABC’s best-performing comedy for years and its the highest-rated new show in its slot. Apparently critics are getting to the network.

The show was recently picked up for a full season, but the show will take a hiatus after episode 10 in order to retool, which Deadline’s report says will be a “soft reboot” and that the return from hiatus will be treated as a relaunch; it’s unknown exactly how much the show will overhaul. Kristin Newman of “Galavant” is currently in talks to replace Kushell.

[via Deadline]