Music from the Australian giallo film Sororal


A couple weeks ago, Xander reported on Sororal, a giallo film that hails from Australia. (If you’re unfamiliar with the giallo genre, Xander included a handy list of must-sees.) Directed by Sam Barrett, the film centers on a painter whose horrific visions of murder turn out to be real. A song from the film’s score recently showed up on Twitch, and by gosh, if it isn’t oogy and menacing in the best possible way.

“The Painter” was composed by Christopher de Groot, and it’s reminiscent of Goblin, particularly their work on Dario Argento’s Deep Red (Profondo Rosso). The imagery for the film also evokes a sort of 70s giallo sensibility, with its stark colors and Ben-Day dots.

In the gallery is a promotional image for Sororal. After the cut, my two favorite songs from the Deep Red/Profondo Rosso soundtrack: the jazzy gloom-prog track “Death Dies,” and the title theme from the film (which influenced John Carpenter’s theme for Halloween). For more information about this Aussie giallo film, visit the official Sororal Facebook page.

[Via Twitch]

“Death Dies” by Goblin

“Profondo Rosso” by Goblin

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