My 10 favorite movies of the year … as told by pictures of puppies


I love making lists. Love it. At the end of every year, I genuinely look forward to putting together lists of the best movies I saw, best video games I played, best roller coasters I rode and best potato balls I devoured (#1 IS ALWAYS PORTO’S POTATO BALLS!).

But I also love puppies. LOVE ’em.

So I thought: Why not combine the two this year? It’s a logical pairing and one that I am very excited to share with you all. With the Oscars airing tonight, what better time to present to you my 10 favorite movies from last year … represented by pictures of puppies.


10. Life Itself

9. The Raid 2

8. Gone Girl

7. A Most Violent Year

6. Force Majeure

5. Birdman

4. Snowpiercer

3. Nightcrawler

2. Boyhood

1. Whiplash