Mysterious Doc Brown commercial finally revealed


A wild Christopher Llyod appears, uh, again! You might remember the story we covered a few weeks back about a random Argentinian commercial featuring none other than Doc Brown and the time machine being produced in Argentina for reasons unknown. It was said to be for some electronics store, but the actual commercial clears things up quite a bit. Doc Brown is now the new face of Garbarino, an electronics store located in Argentina… But, knowing the United States like I do, we’ll probably snatch up that store and all rights to its commercials, inserting Doc as the new Best Buy mascot in no time. Just like how we stole Mickey Mouse.

What a bitter sweet way of seeing Doc Brown and the time machine being revived. Being the religious Back to the Future nut that I am, I can’t help but smile at this commercial. There’s actually a fair bit of production value to it and I think it’s about on par with the trilogy itself in terms of quality. It also perfectly highlights Doc’s many scientific ambitions and how the time machine was the only thing that ever worked for him. It’s nothing like the Back to the Future: The Game that came out, where he evidently invented everything from flying cars to response-detecting personality tests, all before the 1950’s, totally sticking outside the canon of the series and not making one damn bit of sense. Didn’t somebody write an arduously long two-part review of that game? Oh, wait, that was me.

[Via /Film]