Mysterious William Shakespeare film trailer: Anonymous


Does anyone else find it funny that Sony Pictures uploaded this trailer for an unrelated movie named Anonymous in the middle of the “Anonymous” army attacking them over GeoHot? No? Good, me neither.

Much like Romeo and Juliet, the ending of this story is revealed within the very first words of the trailer, yet I don’t believe for a second that it will make it any less powerful. Responsible for dozens of famous and culture shifting plays and sonnets, Anonymous asks of us, “What if I told you Shakespeare never wrote a single word?” Not as mind blowing as the media shattering DaVinci Code premise was — that Jesus never died on the cross — but still a tale that could make millions drop their jaws when they begin to doubt the most famous author of all time may have never existed.

Who might have been the persona we now known as William Shakespeare? It’s hardly a new suspicion, but I’d rather see the fun unravel in the film before reading further on my own. If this movie turns out to be even a little like The Talented Mr. Ripley from a different angle, then I’m already sold. The trailer’s confident slow roll and limited details only make me all the more intrigued and eager. Anonymous is already near the top of my most anticipated film of 2011 list.

However, in the interest of being as honest and informative as possible, the director is Roland Emmerich. I’ll defend Independence Day forever, but Day After Tomorrow and 2012 obviously were not wise career moves for him. Has he decided to start showing restraint? There’s already a well done Anonymous disaster parody trailer, but other than the fact that neither of the two guys who look like the great Joseph Fiennes are actually Joseph Fiennes, I’m going to remain confident in Anonymous until future trailers prove otherwise. If that happens before its Autumn 2011 release, I’ll just reveal that Tom Fronczak never existed, and that I’ve been fooling you all for five years in a row. Who would be my secret identity?